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A famed business firm which always exceeds your expectations by offering Stainless Steel Welding Wires, Filler Wires, Welding Electrodes, Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes, and much more...

We are, Caston Electrode Company, a wholesaler, supplier, trader and exporter, whose level of brilliance, was, is and will be, unmatched by any other company. The main reason behind such a distinction of our company is that we always take a step further than what other companies do. Owing to such ideology of always excelling, we have successfully maintained a track record of success, which we proudly display to our clients.

We maintain Welding Electrodes, Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes, Welding Wires, Welding Consumables, Nickel Alloys, and much more in our portfolio, so that we continuously succeed at sufficing varying needs of customers. Each one of our offering is perfect in all aspects because we work with a determination to give the best return on investment of our clients. Our way of working is exemplary to all companies because we always focus on ensuring satisfaction of customers whenever they seek to do business with us.

Maintaining Supply Chain at Its Best

Being a company which operates in Indian as well as foreign markets, we always ensure on prompt delivery of a qualitative range of product. And the only thing which ascertains foretold every time is our supply chain management. By managing our supply chain perfectly we ensure that no customer will ever face a delay in delivery times, and will always receive our offerings timely.

The experts of our company perfectly manage supply chain by keeping a track on every activity that goes on in our premises. We make sure that the Cobalt Alloys Stainless Steel Flux Cored Wires, Satellite Flux Cored Wire, Welding Electrodes, Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes, are promptly procured from vendors. By procuring promptly we are able to spare time for checking and storing the products, owing to which we always remain ready for immediate dispatch.

Some Reasons to Prioritize Us

We are a company worthy of a business deal for all who seek to get best in return for their investment. Some of the reasons which makes us a company worthy of business deal are:
  • We confirm to deliver our offerings in a prompt manner.
  • Each one of our product is only delivered after it confirms to quality through a series of checks.
  • We maintain complete transparency at our works, and make sure to earn customer's trust.